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Tackle Talk: Lazer Trokar Wacky Worm Wide Gap

Wacky rigging a stick worm is one of those techniques we should all turn to when the bite gets tough. This technique is an excellent way to catch finicky bass whether you’re skipping underneath boat docks or targeting isolated vertical cover. Something about its slow, tantalizing fall is hard for bass to ignore. 

I’ve tested a lot of wacky rig hooks over the years—I’ve found a few I like, but have also wasted a lot of money on others. For the past several months I’ve been using the Lazer Trokar Wacky Worm Wide Gap Hook and have become a big fan of it for many reasons. 

The rundown


Lazer Trokar uses a process called SST—or Surgically Sharpened Technology—to create some of the sharpest hook points in the industry. Their hooks also have a unique, three-sided point that is designed to penetrate a bass’ mouth with much less pressure. 

Their Wacky Worm Wide Gap Hook features all of this, including an extra-wide gap that is designed to hook larger bass with ease. The hooks are available in Size 1, 2, 1/0 and 2/0—I found the No. 1 size to be the most effective throughout my testing. 

They’re priced at $5.99 per package. 

My experiences


I’ve lost some really big bass on wacky rigs. There’s no doubt that they get a lot of bites, but many of the hooks are so small that they don’t wrap around the jawbone of larger bass. You’ll get the bite, get a good hookset, stick ‘em for just a second and they’re gone. I know I’m not the only one with this problem as I’ve had a lot of questions from other anglers about this same issue.

This hook, however, addresses that common problem. I’ve enjoyed a remarkably high hookup ratio thus far—especially with fish exceeding 4 pounds. With just a simple reeling hookset, you’ll be able to pin the fish easily and keep them buttoned throughout the fight. I wholly attribute this to the hook’s extra-wide gap. 


The larger gap also allows you to use thicker stick worms without interfering with the hook point or barb. The bend of this hook is rather large, so you’re able to stick your worm through the middle and it stays there—it doesn’t ride up throughout your retrieve or after skipping and cover the hook point. 

In regards to sharpness, this hook is impressive. It’s razor-sharp out of the package and in my experience, it also maintains its point quite well. I fish a wacky rig around a lot of hard cover and I’ve yet to have an issue with this hook point rolling. 

While its thin enough to facilitate a natural fall, it’s also heavy enough to avoid any bending or warping when you’re fighting large fish. I’ve caught dozens of bass on a single hook without compromising the structural integrity of this hook. 

Final impressions


If you’ve been frustrated by wacky rig hooks in the past, this is one you need to try. I’ve had a good experience with them and I’ll be ordering more in the near future. 

The Lazer Trokar Wacky Worm Wide Gap Hook is available at