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STORMR STRYKR Rain Suit Review

Since the 2013 Bassmaster Classic I have stayed glued to the developments of a foul weather clothing company by the name of STORMR. Several anglers in that Classic spoke of the weather resistance and comfort but most of them spoke of the warmth they provided in the frigid temps on Grand Lake.

Living in the Midwest, we get our share of awful, cold, windy weather and most time spring tournaments and pre-fishing for them means being cold and miserable. Not anymore.

I recently had the opportunity to test the new STORMR STRYKR suit and to say it is off the charts in every regard is an understatement. This just may be the ultimate in cold weather foul weather suits in fishing. Not only does it provide a dry, comfortable fit but it very well could be the warmest I have worn too.

Multiple pockets both inside and outside the jacket and bibs, heavy duty rain proof zippers, padded knees and elbows and the fleece lining caps it off. The soft inside of the jacket has no sharp edges, no extra thread ends and it actually becomes part of you when worn.


I am a big believer in high performance gear from my socks to my undershirts to my hoodies and gloves but STORMR ratcheted it up a notch by building a heavy duty suit with extra tough straps and heavy closures on the legs and sleeves that are second to none. The sleeves are especially effective at keeping rain from running down to your elbows with a rubberized closure like a diver’s suit. They are comfortable but create a suction to your wrist and won’t allow even the smallest drips of water to run to your elbows.


The suit is constructed of high-stretch wind and waterproof materials. STORMR calls it Neoprene Core Technology. It’s a space age concept in outerwear utilizing a new process in which neoprene is thinner. Until recently that could not be accomplished. The thin neoprene is laminated to proven outdoor fabrics resulting in better insulation, inherent floatation and ease of movement. Fleece inside the coat and bibs allows for moisture wicking and keeps you warm. The neoprene exterior keeps you dry.


Bonded, glued and stitched seams keep you totally dry and the hood is easily adjustable and fleece lined as well. The pulls for the hood can easily be tightened and loosened for early morning runs and heavy downpours. My buddy says it’s like being in the library when the hood is up.  I also like the adjustable Velcro waist band in the bibs. It also comes with three attached D rings—two on the jacket and one on the bibs for your engine’s kill switch.

Used in concert, the jacket and bibs provide 10 pounds of positive buoyancy. It won’t replace your Mustang HIT lifejacket but will help make it more effective. There are several locations on the suit where 3M reflective graphics are placed for better visibility.

When I first got it out of the package the suit felt heavy but when I put it on I fished all day and I really didn’t notice I had it on. The shoulder straps didn’t pull down and the jacket moved freely and I fished unencumbered and unrestricted. I was really impressed with how easily it slipped on and off as well. Extra-long PU non-corrosive zippers made it easy to slip over boots and pull up tightly just under my nose during windy, cold and rainy conditions.

Inside the jacket there is a zippered pocket perfect for a cell phone or a small set of extra keys for your tow vehicle, just in case. There are also two mesh pockets inside as well.

I always want the weather to warm up but until it does I am ready, comfortable and warm thanks to STORMR and their STRYKR foul weather suit.

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