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LEER 100XQ Truck Cap and LEER Locker Review

I finally got a new LEER 100XQ Cap with the new LEER Locker installed on my Toyota Tundra. The LEER Cap is pretty sweet in and of itself. It’s color matched to your vehicle by your VIN number. So it looks like it came from the factory with it on.

I love my Toyota Tundra truck, almost as much as I love my Phoenix bass boat. It’s a boy thing maybe. It’s a fisherman thing. Maybe it’s a materialistic human thing, but something about a clean truck with shiny ATX wheels, big Grabber AT General Tires and accessories that make it more functional while adding some coolness too. It definitely eats up some of my hard earned money, but it’s worth it.

Yup. I don’t NEED some of it. That’s fine. I can live with that. I’m a truck guy. I tried the SUV thing for a few years. Reverted back to the truck. But I did miss some of that SUV ability. Namely covered storage which is what led me down a path to LEER.

There are several features of the LEER 100XQ that I love for many road trips fishing, filming, hauling and towing that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Remote locking
  • Seamless install
  • Vented side windows with screens
  • Dome and rear lights
  • Watertight seal
  • LEER Locker (extra)


So I got the LEER ordered and my nearest dealer was Street Dynamics in Paris, Tenn. The whole install took less than an hour and the guys at Street Dynamics were great to work with.


The first thing checked was the remote locking of the back window that was programmed to my truck lock remote. One click of the button and I lock the doors on my truck and the LEER Cap all at once. That’s a slick feature as I end up hauling a lot of gear all over the place and it’s a pain to keep having to take it from the bed of my truck and put it in the cab when I go to work.


The 100XQ LEER Cap has two full side windows with dark tints that made the black cap look sleek on my truck. The side windows twist open at an angle to let air vent into the bed if you wish but screens will keep bugs and other unwanted pests out of the storage area.


There is also wiring that adds a dome light and a rear truck third break light to the installed cap. That’s slick for a guy on the road a lot like me and who usually has to get into his truck bed in the wee hours of the morning or late at night to get gear ready for the day.


The Cap is water tight for the most part. I did pressure wash the truck and notice a little water got into the bed. I think you have to make sure your rubber seals mesh well with your tailgate. In other words if you open and close your tailgate a lot, you might have to manually adjust the rubber seals a bit when you close the glass back.


Easily my favorite aspect of the install was the add-on accessory I ordered called the LEER Locker. This very large sliding storage tray can hold a ton of goodies in your truck, out of sight, locked up and ready for quick access in a moments notice. You can throw tools, tackle, clothes, rods, reels, and other equipment in there and keep it handy at a moments notice.


The tray slides down easily by depressing two buttons on either side of each handle on the shelf. The tray slides out and down. I found it interesting that it would fully deploy even with my boat in tow on the back. That’s a great feature for guys who might want to keep some tackle handy and swap it in out of the boat on trips, tournaments and other on-the-water adventures.



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