Simms Superlight Shorts Review

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Bass fishing isn’t a fashion show; I’m a simple guy who’s not too big into the whole “dress the part” mentality. So on the very rare occasion you see me reviewing fishing apparel, you can rest assured that I’m significantly impressed by the product. 

I’ve been wearing the Simms Superlight Shorts nearly every day for the last several weeks—yes, I’ve been washing them—and I couldn’t help but tell our readers about them. If you spend long days on the water throughout the summer months, there are several reasons I think these shorts should definitely be on your wish list. 

They fit like shorts are supposed to fit

Most of my fishing shorts are old and ratty for one simple reason: I loathe the thought of shopping for more. I mean, really—what guy does? It seems impossible to find a pair of shorts these days that doesn’t come 10 inches above the tops of my knees. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my undies poking out of the bottom of my shorts. Call me crazy.


These Simms Superlight Shorts, however, fit exactly how a pair of shorts should. They sit even with the bottom of your knees and don’t sag in the rear end while sitting at your natural waistline and looking clean. They even look good enough to throw on a polo shirt and take your girl out to dinner after a day of fishing.

Much more importantly than looking good, the length of these shorts protects the tops of your knees from the sun. I’ve had some killer sunburns in this area from hours of idling and staring at my electronics and I’m happy to say that these particular shorts keep me covered up. They don’t ride up and I’m not constantly grabbing at myself trying to cover up my pasty thighs.

Unreal comfort

Comfort is super important to me while I’m fishing. If it feels good, I buy it and wear it. That’s how I’ve always been. 

These Superlight Shorts only weigh 7.2 ounces and they fit loosely throughout the thigh and leg openings. They’re made from incredibly lightweight nylon and to be totally honest—it feels like you’re not wearing anything. I’ve worn them for 12 hours at a time in 90-degree heat and they’re the most comfortable shorts I’ve yet to wear. I don’t know of a more lightweight pair of shorts you can find. 

They dry very quickly


I was wearing these shorts a few weeks ago while filming some videos in Kentucky. Mother Nature was clearly not a Wired2Fish fan because it rained like you wouldn’t believe for most of the shoot.

The rain kept coming and going, so I got caught in several squalls without my rain bibs. My Superlight Shorts looked like I just jumped in the lake. 

Within 20 minutes of the rain stopping, these shorts were one-hundred percent dry. Even our video producers noticed it and the last time I talked to them, they were planning a purchase soon. 

Belt loops make cell phones and wallets easy

The Simms Superlight Shorts have a partial elastic waistband adorned with belt loops which has been very convenient thus far. My old elastic fishing shorts had no belt loops, so I could never keep my cell phone or wallet in my pockets—they’d literally fall to my ankles due to the extra weight. It got old digging through my boat’s glove box to find my phone anytime I wanted to snap a quick fish photo. 

Now that I can wear a belt with these shorts, I’m able to keep my wallet, cell phone and multi-tool in my pocket without any annoying sagging. 

Final impressions

Personally speaking, I will certainly spend the extra money for these shorts and that’s saying a lot; I’m a super frugal guy. They’re priced at $69.96, so they’re not going to be in everyone’s wheelhouse and that’s okay. But if you’re big on comfort, these would be a great addition to a birthday or even a Christmas wish list. I’ll be ordering another cork-colored pair this week. 

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