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Without a doubt, frog fishing is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to catch a bass. Once the aquatic vegetation gets up in my area, I won’t go to any lake, pond, or river without a topwater frog tied on. Over the past few years, I have used a wide array of frogs to see what  worked best for me. After years of experimenting with different frogs, I have found several that work, and recently added the Scum Dog Walker to the list.

I was able to get my hands on a Scum Dog Walker from Scum Frog. I believe this is a bait that should have a spot in every serious frog fisherman’s tackle box. After several weeks of use and abuse, these 5  things stand out to me about this frog:

  • Enticing action
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Great hook-up ratio
  • Reasonably priced

Fantastic action that’s easy to master

The multiple actions you can impart with this frog cause it to stand out among other frogs. You can fish the Scum Dog like you would any other frog, by simply throwing it on top of the thickest matted vegetation and hopping or “walking” the bait over it. The Scum Dog weighs a hefty 5/8-ounce, which really helps to make a lot of commotion on top of the vegetation. The extra weight has helped me catch some giant bass.

The angler gets an unbelievably easy “walk-the-dog” action out of the Scum Dog Walker. Scum Frog designed it with a unique hull-shaped belly, with most of its weight positioned in the rear. This creates the perfect frog for effortless walking. It doesn’t matter if you are Fred Roumbanis or if it is your first time frog fishing, you’ll be able to walk this dog. Give light twitches with your rod while keeping a semi-slack line, and the frog will walk back and forth. The side-to-side  action has seemed irresistible to even extremely pressured bass that live in the lakes in my area.

This frog also offers a “churning” sort of action. This churning action has been the ticket for me this summer. With violent rod twitches, while keeping a small amount of slack in your line, you can cause the Scum Dog to churn the water and make a huge racket that has helped me catch some huge bass recently. I would compare this action to more of a dying bluegill or baitfish than an actual frog. One thing is for certain—the bass can’t resist it.


Versatility because of the wide range of actions

The Scum Dog Walker can be fished in a variety of scenarios because of the various actions. It works equally well over vegetation as it does walking and churning over open water.

Scum Frog offers 12 different colors to match any type of forage in your local lake. Gone are the days of having to switch frogs depending on the situation. Simply tie on a Scum Dog Walker, and you are ready to go.

Scum Frog also just came out with the Scum Dog Walker – Small Dog. Which offers the same great features of the Scum Dog Walker, just in a smaller package. The Small Dog weighs in at 1/2-ounce and is only 2 1/4 inches long. It is the perfect frog when you need a topwater frog with a smaller profile.


Durability without giving up hook-up ability

Something Scum Frog has had right from the very beginning is the body of their frogs.  All their frog products are made with an incredibly soft plastic material that offers perfect collapsibility. When a bass blows up on the Scum Dog, the body collapses immediately leaving nothing for the bass to grab except an Owner frog hook. Soft body and sticky sharp hooks give this frog the best hook-up ratio in my personal experience.

While the plastic on this frog is extremely pliable and soft, it by no means gives up durability. It doesn’t seem to matter how many fish you catch on this bait, the body always bounces right back  to its original form, ready to catch another bass.

I was astounded by this on a recent fishing trip to a strip mine loaded with bass where I put the Scum Dog Walker to the test. I lost count of how many bass I had demolish this frog without jeopardizing the body or its action. You may lose an eye or a few strands of skirt material from the frog after several fish, but this bait will still flat out catch them in spite of that.


Reasonable Price Point

In the current fishing market, you will find a lot of frogs in that $10-$25 range. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the Scum Dog Walker sell for around $5 a frog. An angler can stock a box of frogs in various colors without breaking the bank.

The Scum Dog Walker offers anglers a versatile, durable, and a downright effective frog for just $5.19. You can find the Scum Dog Walker at and other retailers that carry Scum Frog products.


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