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Savage Gear Browser Spinning Rod Review

I harp on it all the time – bass fishing doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve been wary for a while and wondering if the bass fishing industry is pricing itself out, but with the onslaught of recent affordable products made available to the common man, my faith has been renewed. There is plenty of reasonable and legitimate fishing gear out there, but it just takes a little searching to find at times.

I’ve had an opportunity to test the Savage Gear Browser Spinning Rod this summer and I must say, it’s an incredibly impressive spinning rod, especially given the excellent price point. I’ll quickly run through what I think you’ll like the most about it.

All-day comfort

I’ve tinkered with inexpensive fishing rods a lot throughout my career, but very few of them offer the comfort that the Savage Gear Browser Spinning Rod does. I have been testing the 7-foot, medium heavy-action and its balance has been quite impressive to say the least. It’s not tip-heavy and it’s not butt-heavy. Whether you’re fishing a soft jerkbait or dragging a lightweight shaky head, this rod doesn’t wear you out. It feels great in your hands and you won’t notice any unusual or premature forearm or shoulder fatigue after a long day of fishing. 

I’ve really liked the grips

The EVA foam grips are a really nice addition. They repel water and fish slime quite well while allowing me to keep my grip regardless of the conditions. They also look pretty cool, too. The modern camouflage pattern adds a nice touch and makes this rod look like it’s worth much more than its modest $79.99 price point. 

Durable line guides

The Savage Gear Browser Spinning Rods all come equipped with the Seaguide CCS guides. Throughout my extensive testing, I’ve found them to be quite durable in a myriad of situations. I’ve had guide clients step on them while on my front deck and I’ve put these rods in and out of my truck bed on numerous occasions without any damage whatsoever. That type of durability is incredibly difficult to find at this price point. 

Sensitivity matters

The sensitivity of this rod is certainly worth noting. A lot of rods in this price point have a very dull and muted feel to them throughout the retrieve, but the crisp responsiveness of the Savage Gear Browser has been a welcomed surprise. I can feel slight changes in bottom composition and very subtle bites. I’ve let several people try this rod while in the boat with me and they’ve all really liked the sensitivity – especially when I tell ’em the price point. 

Final impressions

If you’re looking for a quality spinning rod that won’t break the bank, I strongly suggest taking a long look at the Savage Gear Browser series. There’s no crazy lengths and actions to choose from – just the ones you need and that’s how I like it. Simple, basic, effective and to the point. 

The rods are available in:

  • 7-foot, medium-light action
  • 7-foot, medium-action
  • 7-foot, medium-heavy action

The Savage Gear Browser Spinning Rods are available at