WOO! Tungsten Shaky Head Review

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Fishing is been incredibly tough in my area for the past month or so. The water temperatures are sky-high and it’s downright tough to even get a bite some days. So I took this as a great opportunity to test the WOO! Tungsten Shaky Head. It’s actually one of the better shaky heads I’ve ever tested and I say that for several reasons. I’ll explain what you should know about this great finesse fishing tool.

Great head shape

The head shape of the WOO! Tungsten Shaky Head allows your soft-plastic to sit in a tail-up stance when it’s at rest. I’ve tinkered around a lot with it in clear, shallow water to study its action and it certainly looks more lifelike than a traditional round-headed shaky head. 

The head also seems to come through cover nicely. I have fished in in chunk rock, brush piles and underneath docks with ease. I’ve only been snagged a few times and each time, I’ve been able to get it loose quickly. 

Perhaps most importantly to me, this shaky head skips like a river rock. I have had a tough time finding one that doesn’t catch too much water and this one certainly fits what I’m looking for. This will be my primary dock-skipping shaky head for the foreseeable future. 

I really like the screw lock

I think this is largely a matter of opinion for most folks, but personally speaking, I really like the screw-lock bait keeper on this shaky head. It allows for quick and seamless rigging and the bait, regardless which shape you use, maintains a perfectly straight and natural-looking profile.

I haven’t had any issues with durability in regards to this screw lock. It has remained firmly affixed to the head even after hundreds of skips underneath boat docks.

Easy to rig any bait

Rigging is quick and easy, regardless of your skill level or choice of soft plastic. The screw lock penetrates the plastic quickly and easily and after two or three clockwise turns, you’re rigged up and ready to go fishing. 

Your soft plastic will also stay rigged nearly all day long. Even if you’re dealing with short strikes, your bait will very rarely rip off of the screw lock. This has saved me a lot of time on the water.

Hookup ratio has been great

This particular shaky head is made of 97 percent pure tungsten and it’s built around a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook. The hook is thin wire, which I really like for this technique. It’s thin and sharp enough to facilitate efficient hooksets, even when you’re fishing with 8-pound test and a light-action spinning rod. If it bites, you’re probably going to catch it. 

Final impressions

As I said earlier, this is going to be my go-to shaky head for the foreseeable future. It has everything I look for in a shaky head and it skips better than most I’ve tested. If you’re battling pressured fish or bad fishing, try a pack and you’ll be impressed. 

The WOO! Tungsten Shaky Head is available at FishUSA.com