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Reaction Innovations has a very unique line-up of plastic products most with some exotic names followed up with some more super exotic color names. Each of the products is designed to catch bass and the color combinations are specifically designed from angler input based on water conditions.

The Sweet Beaver has made its mark as the flagship product and is often imitated but to date has never been duplicated. You can duplicate the shape but the properties that make the bait special are much harder to match.

FLW Pro Andre Moore is the owner of Reaction Innovations and those that know him know he can be a bit “Whack”. That “whack…iness” turns into great products that only a person who is a bit off the wall would think about and/or be able to design. To be clear here..being eccentric and a bit different is a good thing and in the bait business Andre Moore has a corner on the market.

Another advantage Moore brings to the table is his expertise as an angler.Andre Moore is a top notch angler and knows what bass do and how they do it.This knowledge is brought into all of the bait design and bait building at Reaction Innovations. The product and color names may be a bit off the wall but the products aren’t. They flat catch fish.

One product from Reaction Innovations that doesn’t get much notoriety but is super in the spring and post spawn and one that every angler should have in their arsenal is the Flirt 6.95.

The Flirt 6.95 is a 7 inch uniquely designed straight worm with a large egg sack, segments on the top and a line of reverse ribs on the bottom. The reverse ribs have the feel of a big nightcrawler when touched. The tail section is tapered from the body to a Phillips head looking tail that makes the tail push up when pulled.

The Flirt 6.95 has some great action fished weightless with a straight shank 4/0 or an offset 4/0 or 5/0 hook.

Several pro’s fish it with a barrel swivel and a fluorocarbon leader, like a Carolina Rig without the weight. The barrel swivel keeps from twisting the line, gives it some weight to help with casting and also helps give the bait a darting action when retrieved.

The Inside Scoop

The Flirt 6.95 retails for $5.09 for a 15 count bag.

There are several great colors of the Flirt 6.95 and some of our favorites are Dirty Sanchez, Dirty Sherbet, Watermelon Red, Spanish Fly, and pinky.

You can purchase them by going to

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