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Dobyns Rods Champions Series 736C

Because there is so much to see at ICAST some great products may not get the notoriety they deserve. Sometimes it’s because they are hidden away in a small booth, but sometimes it’s because there are so many products in the category. One company that may have been missed but has stepped up in a big way in 2009 and 2010 is Dobyns Rods. They had a large presence at ICAST and their booth was full each time we walked by.

Gary Dobyns is a legend in bass fishing and he never does anything second rate. His new line up of Dobyns Rods are first class and because of the large numbers of models they carry every angler can find one that fits their favorite technique.

We recently got to test the Dobyns Champion Series 736 C heavy/extra fast rod and without hesitation this is one fine stick. Balanced well, very light and made with quality components this rod is not for sissies. It’s a man’s rod and when you want to put the leather to that 5 pounder it’s the stick for you.

Its a frog, flipping and pitching rod but we have been using it as a jig rod on ledges and humps and it handles very well. It has 11 Kigan Zirconium Guides, a rod-through Fuji Reel Seat, very good cork and a blank that is tough as nails. We were surprised at its lightness teamed with the heavy action. We paired it with Sufix 17-pound Fluorocarbon line, a ABU Garcia Revo STX Reel and a Buckeye 3/4-ounce MOP jig and Zoom Super Speed Craw trailer. It casts a mile and the sensitivity is through the roof. Many times, in deep water, bass hit the jig on the fall and we could feel every bite even on super long casts. When you set the hook the bass gets the business end of the MOP jig post haste. He doesn’t know what hit him!

We normally carry two jig rods on the deck and based on application we light one rigged for 3/8 and 1/2 ounce jigs and the other for heavier offerings. We use the Dobyns 736 C for the latter. At 7 and a half feet this rod is not unwieldy or cumbersome and we have fished with this combo for 8 hours or more without fatigue. That is a testament to the craftsmanship and components of the rod. We do recommend heavier line for this rod as lighter line can be broken very easily with the power of this rod.

The Dobyns 736 C retails for $239.99 and its worth every penny.

You can buy Dobyns Rods by clicking here.