Cashion Baitcasting Rods

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As happens many times here at Wired2Fish we received a telephone call about a rod company we needed to check out. With so many high quality rods in the marketplace our pat question is a simple: “Why?”   What makes this company unique or different than any other company that builds rods? Is it better, if so what makes it better and would savvy Wired2Fish readers agree with us if we told them they were?

We recently had the opportunity to test a new rod made by Cashion Rods, out of Raleigh, N.C., and it is unique and it is a special rod in many aspects. The proof was in the testing and fishing with the rod.

No. 1, the blank is linear graphite or unidirectional manufacturing, which means it lays the length of the rod versus being wrapped around the mandrel during production. It’s harder to build them this way. That is why most rod companies don’t. The linear construction makes for a more sensitive rod as it transmits the bite down the rod in a more straight-line fashion.

To illustrate it better, take a straight piece of solid wire and lay it on a table between two nails. Stretch it out tight and then snap it with your finger. You will notice that you can feel even the slightest touch. Take that same piece of wire and wrap it around a piece of metal tubing and do the same thing. You will feel it but it won’t be nearly as sensitive.

That is the engineering behind Cashion’s sensitivity. Cashion rods also feature less weight than a lot of rods and the backbones are surprisingly strong with this unidirectional manufacturing process.

“You have be to so precise when building with linear carbon fiber. The pre-peg is top notch and that is where it starts,” said Matthew Cashion, owner of Cashion Rods.   “We also measure position of every guide on every rod and that is super important for best casts and power.”

Cashion is a microguide rod, but another unique feature is a standard tip combined with the microguides. We believe that tip allows for longer casts based on our tests.


No. 2, Cashion uses a mesh carbon fiber grip so no sensitivity is lost in the handle. Cork and foam deaden the feel where carbon enhances it. It becomes an extension of the rod blank, and the handle allows for vibrations to transmit versus being absorbed. The texture of the mesh provides excellent grip even wet.

We tested the Cashion 7-foot, 6-inch, F90476, Fast Medium Heavy with a Revo MGX, Seaguar 15-pound TATSU with a Buckeye 1/2-ounce Mop football jig and a Strike King Rage Tail Craw. We fished deep points and brush piles and could feel every pebble and every branch. Because it so sensitive, getting used to the different feel can take a little time. The power of the Cashion was evidenced with powerful hooksets with the jig positioned in the top of the fish’s mouth, even on long casts. This rod has a quick but forgiving tip and loads perfect on the hookset.


This is a very light rod and combined with the Revo MGX makes it a lightweight bass fishing combo. You can fish with it all day without arm fatigue. Although Cashion just began sales in 2011, anglers will find their rods unique, sensitive and light. All of their rods are Manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Cashion Rods carry a no-hassle warranty against manufacturing defects too. The Cashion is a high quality rod that retails for $179.99 on Tackle Warehouse.

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