Why Add Umbrella Rigs to Your Big Bass Game

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Accomplished big swimbait angler and founder of Big Bass Dreams, Oliver Ngy added umbrella rigs to his mix of big swimbait profiles in his attempts to catch the biggest bass he can on every lake he fishes 12 months out of the year. He discusses the nuances of blades, heads, baits, seasons and more in this informative short take on umbrella rigs, Alabama rigs and these oversized profiles that can be a great alternative to big swimbaits when big fish just won’t react to a big bait and are keyed in on smaller profile forage.

There is no denying the effectiveness of umbrella rigs at certain times of the year. They offer a large profile much the way a big swimbait does to the larger bass in a system. Ngy advocates studying the nuances of rigging experimentation the way you would with any traditional artificial fishing lure in your box and learn how some of those subtle differences can trigger bigger bites where you fish. It’s not just a chunk and wind anywhere bait. It’s still a methodical approach just like throwing big swimbaits.


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