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How to Fish Wedge Tail Swimbaits in Grass

Wedge tail swimbaits are a unique alternative to more commonly used paddle tail swimbaits and offer some unique benefits at times. Professional angler Brandon Coulter explains how the natural swimming action of weedless wedge tail swimbaits excels for finding and triggering bass relating to grass, and how to fish these baits during tough bites.


It’s common knowledge that swimbaits excel in clear water and for wary and lethargic bass beat down by cold fronts or cold water – but not all baits have a natural action. Coulter stresses the importance of choosing swimbaits with a realistic finish and action that closely resemble the movements of actual baitfish. The natural swimming action of wedge tail swimbaits is often more effective at converting following bass into biters than hard thumping and rolling paddle tail varieties. 

Additionally, whereas trebled baits limit where you can cast (a blade of grass fowls the bait), you can fish weedless swimbaits pretty much anywhere from grasslines, shoreline laydowns and docks, to fan casting grass flats. Greater fishability increases the chances of presenting the bait to more fish. Lastly, Coulter stresses the importance of rod and line mechanics and how that relates to setting the hook. He details why a moderate-fast action rod is a better tool for hooking fish when using a braided mainline.