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How to Fish Finesse Swimbaits for Suspended Bass

Finesse swimbaits are among the simplest and most effective ways to catch bass. Chris Zaldain has experienced widespread tournament success using 3-inch paddle tail swimbaits on ball head jigs but expands his toolkit with the highly-refined Okashira Screwhead jig. He details when, where and how to fish the Screwhead/paddle tail swimbait combination for suspended largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. *Check out this video for detailed rigging instructions


Suspended bass are prime targets for this minnow-imitating presentation with the jig adding new elements of sound, vibration and movement to an otherwise standard horizontal retrieve. Zaldain walks through how to find targetable bass for accurate and stealthy casts. Like many refined tactics, proper retrieve speed, rod angle and hook set method are imperative to success – Zaldain explains each in thorough detail.