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Barefoot Log Rolling Big Smallmouth Bass VLOG

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We’re going off the beaten path for some cool fishing videos and taking you with us as we go. This is a short VLOG we shot up in Minnesota of Kyle Peterson jumping floating logs to vertical fish log jams for smallmouth bass no one else can reach! He’s part American Ninja Warrior and part hand-to-hand flipping combat veteran with these rambunctious smallmouth bass. Peterson has done this a lot growing up in Minnesota. He’s shimmied and cat walked a lot of logs to get to bass others can’t reach.

In this first episode of our new VLOG series, Kyle talks about simple tackle prep and how easy the pickings can be on these fish for those willing to dare the floating logs. Know your limits. For most folks, we recommend you just watch and enjoy. Ryan and Jason decided otherwise on braving the floating logs and cheered him on from the boat. More adventures to come from around the country in our new Wired2fish VLOGs.

Editors Note: Kyle has done this hundreds of times. He is always very aware of his environment before venturing out on the logs. Don’t try this if you feel unsafe. You’ll notice Jason and Ryan stayed in the boat because they decided that was beyond their limits. Wear a life jacket and be aware of what’s going on around the log jam. Anglers have been shimmying out on logs for centuries to reach fish others couldn’t.