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When to Fish Bluegill-Imitating Prop Baits for Spring Bass

One of the first lessons in fishing is to let nature guide you to what fish are feeding on. On this day, McKeon “Keys” Roberts observes frogs and bluegills using bank grass and emerging lily pads and chooses a unique frog and bluegill-imitating bait to draw explosive strikes from active post spawn bass.

As spring progresses toward early summer, bluegills move into the shallows and become the primary food source for post spawn bass on many systems. The Lunkerhunt Prop Fish is the best of both worlds, mimicking frogs but also having some characteristics that make it an excellent bluegill imitator as well. A smaller profile allows it to snake through emerging pad stems, bullrushes and other cover while the small prop on the tail end gives off flash and vibration. Keys emphasizes the importance of long casts to avoid spooking wary bass and to cover as much water as possible. This is an excellent search and trigger tactic whenever you’re faced with similar conditions.