Twitching Weightless Swimbaits for Winter Bass Fishing

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Wintertime bass fishing can be some of the most rewarding if you can find fish reacting to subtle presentations in cold water. Louisiana angler Quentin Cappo, like many other professional anglers, developed a “limit getter” when money is on the line that he falls back to when the fishing gets tough. 

For Cappo, that bait is the Strike King Swim’N Caffeine Shad. Even though the name and design implies it’s a finesse swimbait, Cappo believes it’s the perfect bait because he can make it be a slow swimbait or a weightless jerkbait in cold shallow water like he finds in the winter months in Louisiana and Texas. 

For him, the Swim’N Caffeine shad is the perfect profile, weedless so he can fish it through literally everything he comes across and he can perfectly imitate a cold, stunned or dying shad. So he covers all the bases with a single profile. 

While on a shoot in Louisiana this past winter, Cappo revealed his “bread winner” with us with some reluctance. Another one of those staple presentations that helps him catch more bass. 

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