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Skipping Finesse Lures in Heavy Cover

Video Transcript: A wacky rig stick bait is a very good alternative to big jigs and Texas rigs when fish are holding tight to cover.  For finesse fishing around heavy cover, I really like a 7 foot medium heavy rod like this Dobyns Champion Series. It’s got a strong backbone to wrench those fish out of cover and it’s got a soft tip to help get your bait underneath any overhangs.

Don’t overlook your line selection either. I like to use a 20 pound braided main line to help get fish out of the crud and I also like to use a 15 pound fluorocarbon leader so the fish can’t see the line as well. Now when you’re skipping a wacky rig stick worm underneath cover, the main thing, the main tip I can tell you is to keep your rod tip low, wind up with it like this, and don’t do a hail mary, you don’t have to send it into the next county. Just soft and easy and keep your eye on the target. That is the most important thing. Keep your eye on the target and don’t worry about what your rod’s doing. It’s got everything taken care of I promise.

That’s a fish. Just under this tree limb, here he is. I promise you it works, here’s proof!