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Tips on Skipping Senkos Under Docks

Video Transcript: Yeah, we’re right here on Guntersville right now. Its spring time, the fish are shallow. There are some good fish around docks. One of my favorite presentations for this time of year is to wacky rig a Yamamoto Senko and skip it around these docks. As you can see, the sun’s high right now and there’s some definite shade lines within the docks and those are the areas you want to key on. Those are your higher percentage areas.

So what I’m trying to do is stay a good boat, boat and a half-length back from the dock, find my target preferably right along the shade, and skip my Senko right into that opening. Now it’s important that when you skip your Senko in there you want to watch your line the whole time because a lot of times that’s going to tell you when you’re bit. Yeah, you’ll see your line jump or it will start to move off fast in one direction. Because a lot of times they’ll bite this thing softly that you won’t necessarily feel the bite so that’s why it’s important to be a line watcher. I

t’s not a big fish, but it’s a start. Another important thing I wanted to tell you when skipping docks is a lot of times if you don’t get bit on the fall, reel back in and make another skip. Because 90% of the time the bite’s going to come on that initial fall. So you don’t have to waste time, you know shaking your Senko or anything like that. So if you have docks on your home lake, get out there with a Senko, skip it around a little bit, especially during the spawn and post-spawn period and I guarantee you will catch some fish.