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How Crankbait Color Factored Into Iaconelli’s Classic Finish

How Crankbait Color Factored Into Iaconelli’s Classic Finish

Mike “Ike” Iaconelli scored a solid 4th place finish in the recent Bassmaster Classic and attributes his success to identifying key prespawn fish-holding spots using mapping, and the Rapala DT-6 crankbait for generating huge numbers of reaction bites throughout the tournament.

Key Mapping Tool: Lowrance C-MAP Precision Contour HD Mapping – Tennessee

Ike shares details on his key locations; these prespawn areas are widely applicable to reservoir or river scenarios where dirty water and current are factors. The Rapala DT-6 proved the perfect action and diving depth to target these spots.

Perhaps the most interesting element to his success was a day 3 crankbait color change that preserved his pattern. The crankbait bite fizzled the morning of day 3 prompting the need to experiment. Rather than abandon his crankbait bite, Ike remained dedicated to the pattern. Uncooperative bass and clearer water led to the selection of a different DT-6 color that turned the bite around and produced another solid sack. Some powerful takeaways for the crankbait enthusiast!