Advanced Swim Jig Tactics for More Consistent Bass Fishing

Bill Lowen has perfected swimming a jig for bass through decades of trial and error fishing tournaments and fun fishing all over the country. He offers a lot of great tips for how to fish a swim jig, choosing the right weight, using trailers to give it the right buoyancy, and a lot more.

Lowen demonstrates a lot of what he has learned and will save you a ton of time if you are wanting to get better with swim jig fishing. He catches bass after bass on an early spring cold front day in south Louisiana while explaining many of the nuances he has figured out to catch more bass. The bass were in a funk and biting funny and he was able to slow his retrieve, feather the jig around cover and get bass that sometimes hit 3 or 4 times before getting hooked. The cold front really knocked the fish for a loop that were coming shallow to spawn. And the swim jig was the most effective technique for Lowen that day.

Tackle Used in this video:

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