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Zoom Swimmer Blends Durability, Great Action

FLW Tour pro Randy Haynes hit the ground running in his new relationship with Zoom Bait Company by helping with the design of the new 5-inch Zoom Swimmer. 

“If you ever fished this type of bait before you would recognize that durability and consistency could be suspect on others,” Haynes said. “Our main goal was to build a swimmer that held up and was consistent out of the package and still have that great swimming action. We have created one that looks great, swims great and also holds up for more than a fish or two.

“I have been very pleased with both the action and the ability to use weighted hooks and lead heads with the Swimmer. I have used very light weights to 1.5 ounces with this bait and it still kicks like the dickens. That, too, is a differentiator of this bait.”

They are sold in a blister pack of three baits so they keep their shape even after they are opened. 

Haynes is known as a deep water expert and he looks at the new Zoom Swimmer is another bullet for his gun when fish move off shore. 

The Zoom Swimmer retails for $8.99 per pack and comes in Ayu, Shad, Blue Back Herring, Chart Blue, Hitch and Tennessee Shad.

They are available at better tackle store locations and you can learn more about them by going to