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YUM Chunk

A flashy name, well not really. A flashing bait, nope. A flashy trailer for a jig for summertime bass, you bet!! The YUM Chunk is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to fishing heavy jigs on ledges and drops for deep summer bass.

We have been testing this chunk on several 1/2 to 3/4 ounce jigs. We have tested it with TABU, Omega, Berkley, All-Terrain, Buckeye MOP jig, and the new Booyah Pigskin. To date have not found one that is not enhanced with it. Made with Live Prey Technology, (LPT) this chunk has a large profile, flat pinchers that blend well with the body of the bait, 2 antenna for a lifelike appearance and plenty of salt blended in. Its 3.5 inches long so it is large by chunk standards but with a large heavy jig its matched perfectly for a slow fall rate. We crawled, hopped and stroked the jig in our tests and it worked equally well in all applications.

Our Tests

We like the action and the durability of this chunk. Fishing rock, wood and vegetation this is one tough cookie. It did not tear and we caught several bass per chunk.


The YUM chunk is an “undulator” not a flapper.

The large profile is a added plus.

The YUM chunk comes in an 8 pack and 17 colors. Our personal favorites are motor oil neon, green pumpkin, crawdad, and camo.

They retail for $1.75 per package.