Xpress Boats Announces Marketing Agreement with Bo Jackson

EDITOR’S NOTE: This press release was provided by Xpress Boats.

It is with great Xcitement that we announce a marketing agreement with one of the finest, most well known athletes of our time, Bo Jackson. Bo has been an Xpress Boats owner for years and will be featured in a host of our upcoming marketing material.

Bo is widely known for his athletic prowess in two professional sports including football and baseball. Most of you will remember the “Bo Knows” Nike campaign which garnered national and international attention for being one of the most successful catch phrases in Nike’s history and is still relevant today.

Bo played football for Auburn University where he was awarded the Heisman Trophy and was drafted number one by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bo’s character was revealed as he chose to play professional baseball rather than accept the draft pick due to inappropriate behaviors on behalf of the Buccaneers. Subsequently, Bo went on to have a successful baseball career with the Kansas City Royals and later signed and played football for the Oakland Raiders where he excelled as well.

“Bo is a best-in-class athlete and individual,” said Rory Herndon with Xpress Boats. “We’re so happy to have him on board with our great family.”

“The way I like to relax and get away from the limelight is to get on the water in my Xpress Boat” said Bo Jackson.

Join us in welcoming Bo Jackson to our family and our Xpress Boats team.

Bo Jackson is considered one of the greatest athletes of our time with a successful career in both football and baseball. After winning the Heisman Trophy while at Auburn University, Bo began his professional athletic career and is the only athlete in history to be named All-Star in both football and baseball. In addition to athletics, Bo is a successful father, husband, entrepreneur, actor, philanthropist, outdoorsman, and friend. Bo does know quality and performance, which is why he chose Xpress Boats.

“Where I fish, I need great performance and durability and I found that in my XP200 Catfish.” – Bo Jackson