Wash. Angler Catches Potential Record Walleye

It’s that time of year, when state records fall for various species of fish. Looks like the state of Washington may have a new walleye state record. John Grubenhoff, a well known tournament walleye angler on the Columbia River, caught a walleye that weighed 20.32 pounds Friday, Feb. 28, 2014. The weight has been certified and the catch is pending review. If it holds up, it will best the previous state record by 1.o2 pounds.

Grubenhoff caught the walleye trolling a Rapala J-13 Minnow in silver and black with a 2-ounce bottom bouncer in front of it. He actually caught another giant walleye tipping the scale at 14 pounds. Talk about impressive. There are several stories out about the catch. To read more about it visit these links: