Vicious Eyewear now at Tackle Warehouse

A short time agao Ono’s Trading Company announced a partnership with Vicious Fishing to provide a new line of sunglasses that are now available on Tackle Warehouse. They will retail for $59.99. Available in three frame designs and 11 models, the Vicious sunglasses are 100% UVA/UVB safe, feature polycarbonite polarized lenses in grey or amber and are housed in TR-90 frames for durability.

“It’s exciting to see Vicious Polarized Sunglasses available to consumers through a trusted online retailer. We think that when an angler gives these glasses a try, they will be not only be pleased with the high quality of the eyewear, but with money that is left in their wallet,” said Ono’s Chris Nelson.

Vicious Polarized Eyewear Pro, Marty Stone, added, “I can tell you first hand that you can spend more on a pair of ‘shades’, but I do not think you will buy any better. The lens quality, frame quality, and overall comfort is off the chart. And you can actually afford to by multiple pair to meet the changing conditions while fishing.”

The new Vicious Sunglasses are available for purchase now at

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