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Toyota Bonus Bucks Pays College Anglers to Fish

It’s the dream of most college anglers who compete in tournaments to get paid to fish. Cash winnings at the college level help to offset travel, lodging, food, and tackle expenses for collegiate anglers who typically participate in tournaments on a tight budget. The Toyota Bonus Bucks College Series program makes that dream a reality.

Over the last decade, countless bass and walleye anglers have reaped the rewards of towing their boat with a Toyota vehicle and earning thousands of dollars of extra money through the popular Toyota Bonus Bucks contingency program. 2019 marks the 4th year college fishing has been included under Toyota Bonus Bucks – rewarding collegiate anglers who tow with an eligible Toyota tow vehicle.

The Toyota Bonus Bucks College Series program is simple and very similar to general Bonus Bucks. The main difference, you can drive any year of Toyota tow vehicle and you’ll be eligible for the College program. For a full list of supported events, rules, FAQs, or to get registered for program click here – – but as a general overview:

Drive a Toyota

  • Use any owned or leased Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia, or 4Runner to tow your boat to the tournament and you’re eligible for the program. (Vehicle can be in parent(s)’ or legal guardian’s name & there are no year restrictions on the College Series.)

Register (for FREE)


  • All Carhartt College B.A.S.S., YETI FLW College Fishing, and select ACA Collegiate Bass Fishing Series tournaments are supported.
  • Must finish within the top 50% of the field to be eligible for Highest Finisher payouts (minimum field size of no less than 30 boats).


  • Submit an official contingency claim form within 30-days of the tournament. Upon verification and approval, you’ll be sent your contingency payment!

It’s that easy. If you tow with an eligible Toyota vehicle, fish in supported collegiate tournaments, and aren’t signed up for Bonus Bucks, you are missing out on a chance at free money! If you any comments or questions on the program you can contact Luke Stoner by email – [email protected], or by phone at (918) 742-6424.