Strike King and Lew’s Announce Walleye Pro Staff

Diversity is a strength that is held in high regard at Lew’s and Strike King. Both iconic brands may have come to the dance with bass fishing, but they both also offer incredible products designed with other fish species in mind. 

The latest commitment to diversity in the fishing industry is displayed in the signing of eight of the nation’s most elite walleye anglers.

“Quality and effectiveness aren’tbound to a certain speciesor genre of fishing,” says Rocky Kalsow, Chief Innovative Officer at Lew’s Holdings. “We are adamant about both Strike King and Lew’s offering the best products at the best price in every category. That’s what makes this partnership perfect. These eight anglers are at the top of the game in walleye fishing and will offer us the expert insight to develop and offer rods, reels and lures that will make walleye anglers more successful. In our eyes, that’s the ultimate measuring stick of our brands,” adds Kalsow. 

Chase Parsons, Drake Herd, Robert Blosser, Joe Okada, Brett King, Robert Cardenas and Jason Przekurat join longstanding walleye pro Tom Kemos on the Strike King Team. Of the eight, Herd, Kemos, Cardenas and Przekurat will be representing Lew’s as well.