Solar Bat Awarded Patent for Gradient Tint

Solar Bat has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its polarized gradient

tints used in two tint variations available in its sunglasses lineup.


Dr. Gary Nesty, O.D., owner of Solar Bat, announced the patent on the

gradient, which is available in Mossback and amber variations. Gradient

tints feature either Mossback or amber in the top 55 percent of the lens

and transition gradually into high contrast yellow in the bottom 45

percent of the lens.


With a straight gaze, an angler wearing sunglasses with the gradient

tint is looking through the dark upper tint. When the angler moves into

the shadows, visibility is brightened by tilting the head back and

looking through the high-contrast yellow portion of the lens. The wearer

has a tint for bright light as well as low light without changing



In 2010 Solar Bat inverted the gradients so the angler can look through

the high contrast yellow by tilting the head down. These inverted

gradients are perfect for anglers when skipping lures under docks or

overhanging trees and brush.


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