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Search for High School Anglers Deemed Recovery Operation

According to a statement from TWRA Regional Communications Coordinator Amy Spencer, the search for the two missing high school anglers and one adult has now been deemed a recovery operation. 

In the video statement from below the Pickwick Dam, Spencer explained the TWRA’s decision. 

“First of all, our thoughts and prayers are extended to the families during this search. Regrettably, as of this morning, we are transitioning to a search and recovery operation. Several factors have led to this decision. The boat, with an adult and two 15-year-olds, was last seen four days ago on a picture captured above the (Pickwick) dam. The extensive damage to the boat found near the Savannah bridge, the water flow, the water temperature and air temps have led us to believe there is no chance of survival. Currently, 20 boats are conducting surface and electronic scans between the dam and the Savannah bridge area. We do ask everyone to please have respect for the families during this difficult time.”