Roumbanis Signs with Larew, CMMG

Gene Larew Lures announced the signing of Fred Roumbanis. The Oklahoma pro is headed to the Classic with Larew plastics this week.

“Without a doubt, Larew has introduced a  number of innovative baits in the last 4 or 5 years,” Roumbanis said. “Tommy Biffle has proven the Larew Biffle Bug is the real deal all across the country, and my experiences with their Rattlin’ Crawler, TattleTail and Salt Flick’R this winter have been eye-openers.  Larew fits right into my wheelhouse.”
Also Roumbanis signed with CMMG. CMMG is the manufacturer and retailer of high-end guns and gun accessories. Roumbanis will be promoting CMMG as well as gun safety while on tour and at tackle and boating shows around the country.“CMMG manufactures incredible guns 100% here in the United States and they offer tons of cool accessories,” Roumbanis said. “I am looking forward to promoting their products and sales as well as gun safety. Guns have a played a huge part in American history and I believe any law abiding citizen should have the right to own them. However, I do believe they should be handled and stored correctly and young adults should be taught the proper and safe use of guns and most importantly learn to respect them.â€

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