Rod Glove provides branding

After months of development and testing, The Rod Glove is ready to release it’s new “Stamp Printing” process as a branding option for their customers. This is a process which allows us to stamp text and / or logos directly on to the sleeving material.

This option will be an excellent way for retailers to keep the name of their business highly visible long after the product leaves the store. Having your company name on the product that you sell is an extremely effective way of marketing.

The one challenge The Rod Glove faced when developing this idea was how to make custom branding cost effective. They have conquered this challenge and are able to offer this as an affordable option to both large and small retailers.

The response, from the limited amount of retailers that this has been exposed so far, has been tremendous.

The new branding will appeal to:

·               Tackle Shops

·               Major Retailers

·               Boat Dealers

·               Websites

·               Tournament Series

The website will be updated soon with more information on this new option. Until then, please contact  Rod Glove  at [email protected] for more information.