Project Z: Breaking Down the Bite, Episode 1

Built around one of the core ideas in Z-Man’s tag line – the “science” of fishing – the third season of the company’s groundbreaking Project Z video series utilizes a combination of live video and on screen graphics to break down the intricate details of an individual fish catch.  Each Project Z: Breaking Down the Bite video delves into the thought process of one of Z-Man’s tour-level pros to examine the elements and technical details that dovetail to help that angler successfully land a trophy bass, including locating a target area, bait selection, presentation, and technique.

Debuting today, the first video takes Z-Man Pro Stephen Browning to a Florida reservoir during the winter where he faces crisp, cold weather and bluebird skies – notoriously difficult fishing conditions.  Viewers get a glimpse inside Stephen’s mind as he selects a target area by locating bait on a series of points, chooses a Project Z ChatterBait® bladed jig and RaZor ShadZ™ trailer to accurately mimic the forage, and dials in the correct presentation to trigger a bite.

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