Pro Angler’s Truck Stolen in Pennsylvania

Dave Lefebre posted three stories on his Tik Tok page last Saturday night, Dec. 2, 2023, documenting the saga of his wrapped truck being stolen. He was at his church helping setup for a concert the next day and got a call on his phone asking if he had moved his truck. He went outside and found that in fact his truck was gone. The police were called and dispatched, and while taking his information, they got a call that they may have found his truck already. So the cops raced off, and within 15 minutes, Lefebre was headed to where his truck was found.

When he got there, the police officers had informed him that the truck had been stolen by a homeless man with a record of stealing other vehicles in the past. Lefebre opened his truck to find the man had basically moved in as the truck was full of his belongings. The man stopped at a local convenience store where the folks know Lefebre and his wrapped truck, and when they didn’t see Lefebre get out of the truck, they called the authorities.

Lefebre goes through the process of identifying what was not his in the truck and policed removed and bagged it all up. Then Lefebre went through and did an inventory of what might be missing. The truck was dirty and already smelled pretty bad. So Lefebre no doubt had a hefty cleaning bill on an exciting Saturday night in Erie, Pa.

Check out Lefebre’s Tik Tok Page for his firsthand account as it was happening.

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