New Zoom Z-Hog Bass Fishing Lure

The Zoom plant closed for the evening and while everyone was gone the Super Chunk Jr’s, the Horny Toads and the Brush Hogs had a party and a new Z-Hog was born. A bit of a stretch maybe but the new Z-Hog has begun production and they are sweet. Like  all of the Zoom products this Hog should dance and we are excited about  using them. The body is super soft,  is tapered   to the head and back to the pinchers  and has a slot perfect for a 4/0 or 5/0 punch style or offset shank hook. The flappers on the side allows the bait to glide.
The 4″ Z-Hog will begin shipping very soon and comes 8 to a package. We will   be testing watermelon red (shown) and green pumpkin this weekend.    
We hope another party of Zoom Baits  happens soon.  
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