New T-H Marine Initiative Promotes Fishing Guides

T-H Marine Supplies, Inc, of Huntsville, Alabama, is pleased to announce the launch of a new program that recognizes the value of local hunting and fishing guides and promotes their services alongside the T-H Marine brand. With these guides lending their expertise to people seeking a successful hunting or fishing experience, the T-H Marine Guide Program is a natural partnership built upon a mutual love of the outdoors and the drive to share it with others.

“We have immense appreciation for fishing and hunting guides,” T-H Marine President and CEO, Jeff Huntley said. “As they do what they love and they love what they do, they help people land their catch or quarry and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

“Few experiences can top that feeling of a hunting guide helping you locate some elusive waterfowl or an experienced angler putting you on some hungry fish,” Huntley added. “I can think of several outings where a guide has not only helped me have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but they also facilitated good times with family and friends. We all could use more of that.”

With the soft launch of the program, T-H Marine has already recruited over 200 professional guides across 36 states and several international guides, too. Most guides are specialists with deep knowledge on a few species, but the program has garnered interest from guides who span a long list of fish and wild game species.

In exchange for professionally representing the T-H Marine brand during their guide services, T-H Marine Guides can expect a growing list of benefits. These benefits currently include exclusive discounts on T-H Marine products, sneak peeks at new gear and resources, a free listing on T-H Marine’s Guide-Finder Map, co-marketing opportunities, and a starter package of gear from T-H Marine.

There is no cost to apply and the program is open to any certified hunting and fishing guide who completes an application and meets the minimum criteria. Once accepted into the program, T-H Marine guides are expected to be good ambassadors of the company brand, but more than anything else, T-H Marine is asking guides to be exceptional ambassadors of their sport. With this top objective in mind, all parties can work together to ensure that future generations have both the interest and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

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