MLF Gives New Details on FLW Pro Circuit and Other MLFLW Trails

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Major League Fishing (MLF) hosted a conference call for the field of 150 FLW Tour anglers to share details and specifics about the evolution of the FLW Pro Circuit in 2020 as it relates to the acquisition of FLW by MLF.. 

“This is NOT a hostile takeover,” said Boyd Duckett, MLF co-Founder. “This is an opportunity to continue to grow the sport of competitive bass fishing at all levels and sustain FLW; it’s the perfect marriage.”

In addition to specifics surrounding the tournament field size, length, and fishing format, MLF President and CEO Jim Wilburn discussed the expanded television and live coverage available to FLW Pro Circuit anglers in 2020. This includes 156, 2-hour airings between Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel for a total of 312 hours of television coverage, representing a significant increase over 2019’s 40 hours of television programming. 

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