Missile Baits Adds New Swimbait and Color

Missile Baits Adds New Swimbait and Color

Missile Baits is adding a new swimbait to their lineup called the Shockwave 4.25. The swimbait features a thin tail that has a medium tail swing from the slightest movement in the water. The split belly allows for easier Texas rigging and the body has plenty of thickness for rigging on a jig or jighead. The in-between size of the Shockwave makes it a great choice for many applications including the umbrella rig, single jighead, swim jig and even a Carolina rig.

“The Shockwave 4.25 is a bait I have been wanting for a while,†said pro angler and company owner John Crews. “There are other swimbaits out there but I couldn’t find the one I needed with the right combination of size, texture, tail design and most importantly, action. I think we nailed this in a package that anglers can afford.â€

Missile Baits has also added a new color to their lineup called Bourbon. It will initially be available in the D Bomb and Baby D Bomb. The color actually resembles bourbon with its translucent brownish-amber color. The color also has fine black flake throughout and is a very naturally smooth color.

The Shockwave 4.25 and Bourbon-colored baits are now available. The Shockwave 4.25 will come with 5 baits in a pack for a suggested retail price of $3.99. There will be 8 colors to start with on the Shockwave: Pearl White, Bombshell, Shrapnel, Army Green Flash, Brass Monkey, Candygill, Green Pumpkin Watermelon and Fisholicious.

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