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Menendez Signs with Lew’s

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Mark Menendez announces that

he has joined Team Lew’s and will be fishing with the all new line up of Lew’s

reels for the upcoming season.

Through the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, owning a Lew’s reel was

the goal of every serious angler. Lew’s

Speed Spool reels were simply the best engineered, most advanced fishing reels

obtainable. This year they are introducing six new reel

series from Lew’s.

It was the late Lew Childre who started many of today’s

popular baitcast features, such as the low-profile design, a palming side cover, spool

and disengaging levelwind.  His ground

breaking innovations in design created a focus on technology and performance that

drives the company today.

“There are several important career highlights that a Lew’s

Speed Spool helped me accomplish,” Menendez said. “Qualifying for the Bassmaster BP Top 100’s,

catching the largest bass in the first 31 years of BASS, making my first Bassmaster

Classic, and earning my first Bassmaster win were all earned with a Lew’s Speed

Spool on my rod. I am so proud and honored to be part of the

Lew’s team and associated with the tradition of the Lew’s name.  I would love to know how many miles of line I

have cast with a Lew’s.â€

“We are extremely proud to be

working with Mark,” said Lynn Reeves of Lew’s. “He brings an outstanding knowledge of product and history to

the Lew’s family. He has been fishing at the highest level of competitive

angling for 20 years. We are confident that the new line up of Lew’s Speed

Spool and Speed Spin reels will give him the extra edge.â€

Lew’s offers reels, rods, and fishing accessories .The Lew’s

offices are located at 2333 E. Bennett, Springfield, Mo 65804. The Lew’s line

is available at most fishing tackles retailers.

To explore the tradition, go to

or call 1-877-470-LEWS (5397).