GSM Outdoors Acquires SteelShad Lures

GSM Outdoors is excited to announce the acquisition of SteelShad Lures.

Founded in 2016, SteelShad has quickly built a reputation for producing lures that possess unparalleled versatility. Known for its unique bladed bait design, SteelShad has become a tacklebox staple for both the tournament angler as well as the recreational angler.

“We are elated to add SteelShad to our growing portfolio of fishing brands,” says Crispin Powley, Vice President of Fishing for GSM Outdoors. “Their products are proven to be effective across a multitude of scenarios, environments, and fish species. We are excited to apply our development capabilities and market knowledge to this brand and expand its already-successful lineup into some new and modern avenues.”

For more information on SteelShad Lures, please visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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