Goldfish Take Over Colorado Lake

According to 9NEWS, goldfish have essentially taken over a lake in Boulder, Colorado.

How they were introduced into Teller Lake is anyone’s guess, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials believe someone probably dumped a few pet goldfish into the lake at some point. Goldfish reproduce quite quickly and a now the population is out of control. They’re not the small goldfish you’re used to seeing in pet stores, either. When not confined to a traditional fish bowl, the species can actually grow to be several inches long and out-compete native gamefish.

There are two choices for getting rid of the goldfish and there has been no formal decision made.

  1. Start over. Drain the lake and go back to square one.
  2. Electroshock around the entire lake and collect the goldfish that come to the surface. If this happens, they’re going to use the fish as feed at a raptor rehabilitation center. Yes, you read that correctly.
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