Giant Double-Digit Bass Caught in Texas this Weekend


Blake Cockrell caught the bass of a lifetime this past weekend. We’ve seen a bunch of giant bass throughout the years, but this is one of the thickest and fattest bass we’ve ever run across. Cockrell caught the 14.36-pound bass at Lake Alan Henry in Texas. The fish was weighed on a certified scale and she was transported to Athens, Texas for Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Toyota ShareLunker program.

Just check out the photos of this fish; truly an incredible specimen! We’ll work on getting more details of the catch and update this piece if we learn anything else.

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Impressive length for this big prespawner

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This is a great way to hold a big bass for a photo. Notice his left hand carefully supporting the tail of the bass.

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What a giant!

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At the weigh facility

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The fish will be released alive and well

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The fish is ready for Toyota ShareLunker!