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Fishing License Check Leads to Fatal Shooting

According to a report by, a man was shot and killed after a routine fishing license check Sunday, April 26th near Bunch, Okla. An Oklahoma game warden approached three men fishing a small body of water near Bunch. When he asked to see their licenses, he found out one of the anglers had an oustanding warrant for a parole violation in Arkansas.

When he confronted the man and attempted to take him in to custody, there was a scuffle, and both men ended up in the water. According to the police report, the suspect, now identified as Billy Joe Patrick, attempted to hold the game warden’s head under water and drown him. The warden was able to get free and get his head above water and fired a shot that ended the skirmish. Patrick died on the scene.

According to multiple reports, the game warden is on paid leave while the investigation is ongoing. The names of the warden and the other two men with Patrick have not been released.