Browne Signs with Superchips, Gamma Fishing

Glenn Browne has added two new sponsorships for the 2014 season. He will be representing Superchips, maker of performance programmers for vehicles, and popular fishing line company, Gamma Fishing.

“Partnering with Glenn Browne is exciting for our brand, our customers and our employees,†said Jim McGinn, head of the Superchips promotions department.  â€œGlenn represents an important segment we service on a daily basis.  In addition to towing his boat to tournaments and events with his truck, Glenn also drives a Jeep Wrangler and participates in local enthusiast events while using our products on his personal vehicles.  Superchips is excited to support Glenn as he enters the 2014 season. We feel like he is a fantastic ambassador to relay key brand principles—adding real world towing power, economy and performance to a wide variety of consumers seeking unmatched value.â€

“Glenn’s skill and knowledge of both fresh and saltwater game fish was crucial in the pursuit of our Hollow Core Braid and its uses,†said Dale Black of Gamma Fishing. “Gamma is very proud to add him to an already-potent staff.â€

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