Brothers & Company Adds TUF-LINE to Fishing Portfolio

Brothers & Company was recently named creative Agency of Record by TUF-Line (, the recreational fishing line business owned by Mustad and manufactured by Western Filament, the Grand Junction, Colorado-based provider of synthetic fiber materials, such as polyester, nylon and Kevlar ®. With the addition of TUF, Brothers expands its fishing portfolio with a premium fishing line offering for competitive and recreational angling.

“Brother’s unique understanding of anglers down to niche, regional markets, along with their consistent delivery of national-quality content and strategy made them the obvious fit for newly acquired TUF,” said Jordan Davis, President of O. Mustad & Son Americas and TUF. “Adding TUF to the O. Mustad & Son family was a key strategic step in expanding our ability to serve our customers, we couldn’t think of a better partner to champion the brand.”

“It’s rare that you get to hit the starting line with this level of confidence in the leadership of the brand,” noted Jeff Tolle, Chief Brand Officer at Brothers. “We’ve worked alongside the Mustad team’s best-in-class execution and are thrilled to join them in another arena with TUF. There are so many opportunities for digital and PR storytelling and creative executions with TUF, we’re chomping at the bit to continue introducing the brand and its high-performance lines to more consumers worldwide.”

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