BassForecast Predicting Top-Producing Lures This Spring

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The BassForecast fishing app predicted patterns and locations that were top producers at the 2020 BASS Classic as well as some of the hot prespawn fishing around the country in early March. Anglers are utilizing this bass fishing app to predict when the best fishing windows are coming in their area and then also using it to help select locations and lures for that area of the country thanks to their incredibly robust algorithms and up-to-the-minute weather data from AccuWeather.

Here’s a little more about how well the BassForecast app has been working this spring.

2020 BASS Classic Lures and Locations

Top finishers in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic found their winning fish in prespawn staging areas. The top three bass lures for the week based on the number of anglers that did well on these lure classes were lipless crankbaits, jigs and bladed swim jigs like the Z-Man Evergreen ChatterBait Jack Hammer as well as medium diving cranks.

These lures were accurately forecast by the BassForecast app prior to the event. The app also predicted that the fish would come on secondary points and spawning migration routes like bridges, causeways and marinas.  With over 17 lake locations and 23 categories of baits to choose from, BassForecast delivers an affordable easy to use and understand resource that can help bass anglers of any skill level plan their fishing trips like a pro.

“Over the past 3 years, we have been laser focused on only bass and have been consistently updating our software,” said co-founder Mike Mehlmann. “As a result, our algorithm is able to first detect the bass season (winter, pre-spawn, spawn, post spawn) for all 9 bass seasons for any location in North America with a high degree of accuracy.  

“Second, our algorithm detects the bass feeding mood (BassForecast Rating) based on historical and forecast weather thanks to our up-to-the-minute weather base from AccuWeather.  In combining the 2 (bass season and BassForecast rating), it then selects “best bet” location and baits based on a compendium of bass industry data.  For perspective, in recommending the top 2 to 3 lake locations and top 5 baits, there are 5,670 different possible combinations that the software has to choose from.” 

Predicting hot prespawn bites in Texas

Prespawn kicked off with a bang in Texas and again the BassForecast app has been helping anglers catch bass of their lifetime with it’s planning, trending and selected lure suggestions. 

In the south, the pre-spawn to spawn transition is in full swing. The BassForecast app accurately predicted the 2020 transition dates and recommended locations and baits that resulted in personal bests for 2 members form Texas in early March.  Because all of the formulas are location driven, no matter where you live in the US, the app can help you quickly and easily monitor all of the changing bass seasons while adjusting to Mother Nature.

Here is what the app predicted for this 11-pounder

Central Texas bass were in the prespawn mode. BassForecast founder Mike Mehlmann got to witness the largest bass he has ever seen on the end of a line. This 11-pound, 8-ounce giant was caught by his fishing partner on a medium diving crank in a prespawn feeding area.

“I was a bit nervous netting that fish as she was barely hooked,” Mehlmann said. “The best part when we weighed her was the grin on my fishing partner’s face. It was the biggest bass I have seen in my 40 years of bass fishing, and his best by 4 pounds. Word on this lake was soft plastics catch the big ones. But, they weren’t producing, so we started throwing mid-range crankbaits, which produced several 5-plus-pound fish and my partner’s 11 1/2-pounder.”

Another Personal Best

Central Texas bass had moved up to spawn.  Baird Haller, 14-year-old BassForecast member caught two “PB” 8.44-pound largemouths on back to back days on 2 different lakes.  Both were in spawning areas and both were caught on the BassForecast app “Top 5” recommended baits.  A soft plastic stick bait and a small craw.

The BassForecast software picked up on the pre to spawn transition and adjusted tips accordingly.  The 11 1/2 pounder was caught in prespawn mode on March 1 and just 10 days later on March 10, the two 8.44-pound PBs caught by young Baird Haller were in spawn mode.  It will do this across all of North America for not only the pre to spawn, but all 9 bass season transitions.

Lures are up to you

No matter what brand of baits you like to throw, BassForecast is committed to helping all bass anglers better understand the mood of the fish and “most likely” locations, presentations and types of baits based on proven industry principles and data. Then use that and AccuWeather powered data to make it simple and fast for members to view when planning a bass fishing trip.

You will still have days where nothing seems to work even when the app says it is going to be an EPIC day.  That’s fishing. But the app strives to help you have more good days over the course of a year in your limited time on the water than you did in the past because like most hard working  anglers, the founders understand your time, experiences and memories are cherished.

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