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Angler Wins Boat, Gives to Dock Fisherman

According to, an angler who won a bass boat at Big Bass Splash bass fishing tournament on Sam Rayburn this weekend did a remarkable deed to help another angler.

Fred Tillman McMahon, who is retired from ExxonMobil, won a Triton bass boat in a drawing after the tournament. However, after he learned of Albert Jenkins fishing the entire event from a dock—not a boat like everyone else—McMahon decided to give the brand new boat to his fellow angler.

“I thought I would never do this,” McMahon said. “I feel blessed.”

We could call this sportsmanship—sure. But this also seems like a case of being a darn good person. What an excellent thing to do for another person. Stories like this are exactly why we fish. The catches are just a welcomed bonus!



(Photos by Grant W. Foster)

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