Angler Earns $60,000 for Catching Nuisance Fish

Can you believe some states will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fish you catch? Washington and Oregon state anglers are making some big bank catching a nuisance fish called the northern pikeminnow. In 2021, the top angler made $60,009 for catching 7,185 pike minnows, including 7 tagged minnows. The anty has been upped for 2022. So that same catch this year will yield more than $70,000.

The state of Washington initiated the Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program back in 2000 as the Northern Pikeminnow was wreaking havoc on sportfishing population. These invasive fish are heavy feeders and consume millions of young salmon and steelhead a year. The program paid out more than $700,000 to anglers last year and more than $840,000 two years ago.

This year the state will pay $6 each for the first 25, $8 each for 26 to 200 pikeminnows; and $10 for each one after 200. And there is no limit so catch 10,045 and make $100,000 fishing for minnows.

The 2021 season is May 1 thru Sept. 30, 2022. For more information, go to

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