Bobby Barrack Breaks Down Winter Frog Fishing for Bass

Bobby Barrack Breaks Down Winter Frog Fishing for Bass

Bobby Barrack is a who’s who when it comes to frog fishing out west. He’s won everything there is to win out west and has cut his teeth not only catching thousands of bass from the thick matted vegetation of the California Delta but he’s equally efficient at frog fishing in standing timber, laydowns,docks and anywhere the opportunity presents itself. Most anglers don’t think you can catch fish on a frog in the winter, but when the conditions get right it can get you some big bass.

Check out this video Barrack posted catching bass on frogs in December. He’s going to be doing a series on his YouTube Channel highlighting how he fishes his signature Bobby’s Perfect Frog that has recently be totally revamped by Snag Proof. When Bobby talks frogs, we listen. This gets our blood pumping for some frog fishing!


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