Abu Garcia Revo Toro

We recently got to test the Revo Toro on a Powell 764 Rod and its a great jig combo. Throwing a heavy 1/2 to 3/4 ounce Jewel J-Lock jig with a Strike King Rage Craw trailer the Toro is the ticket for long casts and a great retrieve speed with the 5.4 to 1 gear ratio. Heavy duty is written all over this reel.
Designed for big bait applications the Toro is also very smooth and works great on Carolina rigs and swimbaits as well.
No worries about breaking this baby. This is one iron clad reel and the larger handle makes the angler feel like he is cranking a winch.
The Revo Toro was  designed by Abu Garcia to meet the demands for a large line capacity low profile, virtually indestructible reel. The Toro 50 features 7 HPCR corrosion resistant bearings, a smooth Carbon Matrix drag system of up to 22 pounds, and Duragear Brass Gears for longevity. It meets the demands of heavy baits and works just as well with lighter ones. Not many reels with a large capacity spool can say the same. Setting the hook, reeling the fish and hoisting the bass over the side of the boat has never been easier.
Front view
The Revo Toro comes equipped with larger than average tightly messed gears and an X-Craftic alloy frame and side plate which provide more power and durability in any type of water. With the line capacity of 200yds of 14lb test Abu Garcia’s Toro gives an angler the freedom to fish giant swimbaits for bass or a variety of saltwater species. The Revo Toro provides anglers with the same sleek and comfortable design of a low profile reel while maintaining the power and line capacity of traditional round reels. We found that this is reel is anything but unweildy. Even anglers with small hands will have no problem using this reel.
We recommend a stout rod, 16-20 pound fluorocarbon and a heavy jig and then hold on. You will get the basses attention post haste with this combo and the castablity of the rod is as smooth as the Revo Supreme. That is saying a ton.
The Carbon Matrix drag system is very smooth and adjustments can be made in minute detail. We can generally gauge the reel by the smoothness of its casting and the drag and the Toro is excellent in both areas.
The Revo Toro is reasonably priced at $269.99 and can be purchased in both right and left handed versions. The Toro also comes in a HS model with a 6.4 to 1 gear ratio. It weighs a mere 10.3 ounces and deosn’t wear you out after a full day of fishing matched with the proper rod.
We fully endorse the Abu Garcia Revo Toro and believe that every  jig and swimbait should have one in their arsenal.
You can purchase the REVO Toro by clicking here.