Abu Garcia Announces New 10:1 Revo Rocket for 2019

Abu Garcia announced the release of the new Revo Rocket low-profile baitcasting fishing reel that takes up an amazing 41 inches of line in a single handle turn thanks to its industry leading 10.1:1 gear ratio.

The new Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is the perfect reel for when you need to take up slack fast for solid hooksets. Applications like flipping and pitching are the obvious choices for this bait caster. But it’s also very applicable to topwater fishing where you need to draw tight quickly after a splash or even just dragging a worm or a jig around out deep where you may pull a ton of slack into your line with your rod and then have to wind up quick to get a good hookset.

A 10:1 gear ratio gives you the ability to do that with the Revo Rocket.